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Reliability Trial Pix and Club Kit
16 February
For your delectation there are a selection of photos from the OPCC Reliability Trial in the Gallery. Also current club kit and sizes and pricing can be found from the Club Info menu

Reliability Trial Pix and Club Kit16 FebruaryKev
Cycle Analysis - Predictions for 201809 FebruaryLanterne Rouge
Cycle Analysis - Old Ports Reliability Ride22 DecemberLanterne Rouge
Cycle Analysis - Chris Froome - puff the Magic Dragon14 DecemberLanterne Rouge
Cycle Analysis - Britain's Cycling Superheroes: the Price of Success20 NovemberLanterne Rouge
Cycle Analysis - Le Ride10 NovemberLanterne Rouge
Old Portlians CC 96th Annual Dinner and Prize Presentation 11 NovemberDave Hickman
Anquetil, Alone by Paul Fournel08 OctoberLanterne Rouge
Bash's Memorial Ride pix02 OctoberKev
Memorial ride and memorial for Ian Bashford - 30 September 201730 AugustJulian Hutchings - Club Secretary
Cycle Analysis - Tangfastic16 JulyLanterne Rouge
Cycle Analysis - 9 cycling books that are worth reading16 AprilLanterne Rouge
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Cycle Analysis - Cycling Monologues16 MarchLanterne Rouge
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Cycle Analysis - Jargon Buster16 FebruaryLanterne Rouge
Cycle Analysis - Cycling Monologues16 FebruaryLanterne Rouge
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Happy New Year
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Chris Froome
Good article I thought.....and Andy's comments on....
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